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Hawaii's World Vision of Hope

 Board of Directors

Chairman - Larrie Cordova - Hawaii / California
Vice Chairman - Christina Garica Sanchez - Texas
Secretary - Kathleen Sherriffs - Oregon / Hawaii  
Treasurer - James M. Schmidt - N. California / Hawaii
Member - Hawaii 
Member - Hawaii
Member - Cam Cavasso - Hawaii
Member - Fabio Carrillo Rangel - Florida
Member - Jim Griffin - Oklahoma / California

Member - Antoinette Clark - N. California / Hawaii
Member - Priscilla Robins - Hawaii / California 

Hawaii's Intercessory Team

This  Project has a dedicated Team of devoted Prayer Warriors.



     Executive Board         


President / CEO - Larrie Cordova

Vice President  / COO - Hawaii / Position

Chief Financial Officer / CFO - James M. Schmidt

Sr. Administrative / Director - Kathleen Sherriffs

Public Relations / Administrator - Joserene P. Lacuesta

Marketing / CMO - Kristi S. Austad

Human Resource Consultant - Priscilla Robins

Global Real Estate Consultant - Priscilla Walthouse   

Head of Security - Hawaii / Position  

Telecommunications - Dennis Staysniak

Hebraic Learning Center-





 Non-Profit Executive Board

President / CEO - Larrie Cordova

Vice President / COO - Hawaii / Position 

Vice President / Marketing - Kristi A. Cordova

Chief Financial Officer / CFO - James M. Schmidt

Human Resource Consultant - Priscilla K. Robin

Agricultural Consultant - Cam Cavasso

Agricultural & Fish Manager - Ryan Hansen

The Shepard's Heart Homeless Director Hawaii's Communities - Foa Fetui

Fisher's of Men Director Lost Tribes of Israel Communities - Paul Cabello

The Shepard's Heart Director - Education and Rehab - Marsha Fetui

Director - Medical Clinic - (Hawaii Position) Local

Director - Feeding the Homeless - Cliff Ellis

Physical Security Manager Consultant - William P. Roe 

Head of Security - (Hawaii Position)  

Hawaii's Volunteer Committee Coordinator - (Hawaii Position)

Head of Global Power Team Special World Events - Jim Griffin





Every Board Member are Five Fold Believers


Larrie Cordova - President / CEO

As President, CEO and Founder of Hawaii's World Vision of Hope, Mr.Cordova is now fulfilling a vision that was given to him nearly 30 years ago to reach the homeless and hurting people of Hawaii.

This vision was given to Mr. Cordova in 1977 after enlisting in the United States

Marines Corps. He was stationed in Hawaii, as part of  the 3rd 
Battalion 3rd Marines Special Force 3rd Reconnaissance Unit on Oahu.
Mr. Cordova was involved in the Movie Industry in Hollywood and worked on several 
projects as a stuntman actor and drove for leading Actors and Directors for local Teamsters Union. Played Semi Pro Football for One season.

Mr. Cordova brings a wealth of experience both in the Construction Management

including residential, commercial and governmental projects and Supervised Habitat for Humanity projects. He has worked for such companies as Rudolph and Sletten, PCI, and others for the past 25 years in California, Colorado and Hawaii. He also has experience in sales along with Dale Carnegie Public Speaking, Contractor and Project Management Courses and Computer Aided Drafting at California College of Communications.  Mr. Cordova attended Ohlone College in Fremont, California.   
Mr. Cordova has been ordained for the past 30 years under Genesis Upper Room Church, Saratoga, California, under Reverend Rita Felix she since then has gone to be with Lord.

Cam Cavasso - Board Member / Agriculture Consultant


Founder and President of Foundation 1776, Cam is a businessman with a small

farm in Waimanalo.  He is a 24-year veteran financial advisor with the Mass Mutual Financial Group. Cam served five years as an officer in the US Army and was elected to three terms in the Hawaii State Legislature.  He most recently ran as the Republican nominee for the US Senate.

Cam grew up in Hawaii.  He attended the Kailua Public Schools through high school.

After two semesters as a foreign exchange student at Waseda University in Tokyo,

Japan, Cam graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  His degree from that University was in Sociology and East Asian Studies.  Cam is a lay minister in his church and often leads bible study groups.  He is sought after as a keynote speaker by organizations and churches throughout the nation.

Late in 2010 and early 2011, Cam spoke to churches in Hawaii, California and

Florida.  He met with several Pastors from Hawaii and their congrations to discussocial issues.  He also met with Pastors Dave and Kate Schmidgall and other leaders of the National Community Church in Washington D.C., to discuss ministering to the homeless.  Additionally, Cam attended the the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC),.  The CPAC is a three-day annual political conference attended by conservative activists and elected officials from across the United States.

Their visit was to see the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in

Simi Valley.  As part of this visit, Cam gained a greater understanding of President Reagan's principles which include, individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national price.  These principles support the core values of Foundation 1776.

Dennis Staysniak - Media / Telecommunications

Dennis Staysniak is an award-winning photographer and executive producer,  a

published graphic artist and a seasoned veteran, with over 35 years experience inthe field of Information Technologies.  Mr. Staysniak holds a Bachelor of Arts in

Marketing& Advertising with a minor in Public Finance.  Throughout his career,

Mr. Staysniak has served in a number of management capacities in both private andpublic sectors, developing large-scale multi-media and video sales/marketing and training programs. He has enjoyed tenures in the health/medical, national retail food and Fortune 500 manufacturing environments.  For the last 14 years served in the government sector as the Manager of Information Systems and Facilities for the Lorain County Board of Mental Health.

In his current capacity, Mr. Staysniak provided construction oversight of a 19,000

Sq. ft. facility that presently houses a Level III Data Center (processing $20,000,000+) in Community Medicaid claims annually) and a community

mental health treatment facility.  He co-authored the current Telecommunications Policy for the Ohio Department of Mental Health and provided project management oversight for a multi county, federally funded collaborative to establish a SQL-based data warehouse initiative.

He also provided project management oversight and development for an Ohio

Consumer Outcomes Survey Tool.  This tool was used by provider agencies in 20 Ohio counties.  In June of 2002, the British Government formally requested a copy of this program for evaluation purpose as part of it's own national behavioral healthcare outcomes initiative project.


James M. Schmidt - Treasurer / CFO

A seasoned accounting executive with over 20 years of accounting experience,

James M. Schmidt started his accounting career as an auditor of high tech

companies in Silicon Valley with Ernst & Young, CPAs.  After leaving Ernst& Young, he worked with several start-up ventures with varied success.  Mr. Schmidt obtained experience in the accounting trenches of payables, receivables, inventory, costac counting, payroll, fixed assets and the like.  During these early years, he assisted in preparing an S-1 Registration and related schedules for taking Cardiac Pathways public. 

Mr. Schmidt was first promoted to the position of Controller while working for Sensory, Inc. in 1997.  He worked for WinNet MCS which was sold to an Israeli company and Chip Shot Golf Company which went bankrupt in 2000.  As the Controller, Mr. Schmidt was involved with selling Spruce Technologies to Apple Computer in 2001.  Again as the Controller, Mr. Schmidt was involved with a failed attempt to sell Saratoga Systems in 2002.  Mr. Schmidt spent the next four years building an accounting consulting practice which converged into participating in Sarbanes Oxley audits.

In 2006, Mr. Schmidt accepted a position as the senior finance executive for Beck's

Furniture in Rancho Cordova, where he currently serves as the Controller.
Mr. Schmidt earned his BA degree in Economics from UC Berkeley in 1982.

He later returned to UC Berkeley and obtained his MBA in 1996.  Mr. Schmidt

participated in a Washington Campus Fellowship at Georgetown University in

Washington D.C, where he studied Public Policy and Governmental Process in the summer of 1988.  He holds an active California CPA license #67904 which he first acquired in 1994.



Antionette Clark - Board Member / Media

television I began my career working as an artist for a small television station. using ink pens, colored pencils, markers comps, and airbrushes to create still art for the newscasts and commercials.  Then in the early 80's a
new, innovative computer was
introduced to the television industry to create animation and I became a Broadcast Designer using that computer for several years.  While working in Miami, a group of us started using the Apple Macintosh computer for animation before there was any software or hardware developed. 

NBC,as and After winning several awards, we were recognized as some of the first designers to use a desktop computer for broadcast purposes.  As I moved through 
the industry from the network affiliates of ABC, CBS, and NBC, I was offered positions and or recruited to be on the ground floor of larger networks such as Fox,The Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel and Starz.  My career flourished; I could pick and choose where I wanted to work, I won Emmy and Telly awards, but there always seemed to be something missing.  I worked along side many talented and brilliant producers, writers and reporters as we promoted news and entertainment.

Finally,My life was defined by the Challenger disaster, the OJ Simpson car chase, the Gulf War and countless movies, both good and bad.  The industry was now governed by attorneys, marketing experts and world disasters.  Finally, after working for the largest network in the world, the Defense Department, I sold everything and moved to Hawaii with my 16 year old son.  I worked for room and board helping to puttogether a social network for Christians.  It was in Hawaii, I saw the devastating effects of homelessness and the obvious non representation of the growing disadvantaged population by the media.  There is a large segment of the population who's concerns surround food and shelter and not who is the latest winner on American Idol.  I became an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer, which is the a for volunteer for national version of the Peace Corps.  I took a pledge of poverty for one year and offered my expertise to a government non-profit organization that serves the low income population in California.
After my service I was asked to join the agency as a full time employee and I now
work with a group of dedicated individuals who have spent their lives developing
successful programs to help the homeless and low income people in their community.

Kathleen Sherriffs - Sr. Administration  Director


Program in Senior Administrative Assistant on the pioneer Bridge Program in

Oregon for the past seven years serving Design.

Construction,Quality Assurance, Environmental and Project Controls groups to

accomplish the programs goals for project implementation during all phases of theProgram projects. A influenced by the beauty and love for Hawaii, she developed a multi-faceted entrepreneurship from producing a line of perfumes and lotions based on the Hawaiian Royal family, owning an import and export business in Hawaii and later a Hawaiian store named Royal Hawaiian King in a famous hotel in California.

Developed and most notably, she designed and developed an innovative

community commercial, residential and transitional housing model

" Village community " project that set the development of major projects in the

Wilsonville and Lake Grove areas of Oregon.

Ryan Hansen - Agriculture Manager

Ryan is a northern California native who moved up to Sacramento in 97’ to play

for baseball for Sacramento State. After his baseball career Ryan continued his

passion for water sports, skiing on CSUS water-ski team where both the team and Ryan won several events. In baseball and waterskiing Ryan was team captain and has continues his leadership skills and hard work ethic to this day. Ryan graduated

from Sac State in 2002 with a BA in Communications.

levels Today Ryan manages a farm in Nicolaus, CA where they grow crops; such as,wheat, alfalfa, and rice. The total acreage of the farm is just over 1,600. Ryan is also in charge of the farm’s aquaculture complex, where Ryan is currently growing close 

to 100,000 channel catfish. Of those fish 30,000 are of market size today. In his four years farming the greatest learning experience is the fact that farming is more than just planting a seed in the ground and watching it grow, or hatching some fish and watching them grow.  Farming is a continual watch with the eye and a major science;

also, the grace of the Lord plays a key role. Farming takes a lot of hard work and determination to be successful, something that Ryan is passionate about and thrives on.

The aquaculture complex is also home of The Watersports Farm; a 26 acre private water-ski and wakeboard lake where Ryan gives people of all levels lessons on waterskiing and wakeboarding. Ryan has skied all over the United States, and in 2002 skied on the (PWT) Pro Water-ski Tour.

Ryan was baptized a new believer in 2005, and is amazed at how his life has changed. “I’m in amazement of how we live in darkness, before we see the light. Now life makes sense, God is real and he’s here for everyone who asks him into their lives.

” Ryan is passionate about speaking the word of God. “We are the ones to prepare our youth for something the world has never seen. We must stand unashamed of the gospel of Christ, and share the good news to people with love and boldness.

Joserene P. Lacuesta - Public Relation / Administrator / Media


Joserene Lacuesta is currently working on her Bachelor's Degree in her line of work.

Public Administration with a concentration in Health Care from the University of

Hawaii West Oahu.  An honor student on the Dean's List and is a member of the

Justice, and Health Administration Club.  As a Professional Speaker, she conducts

three levels of interactive college recruitment presentations at local high schools on

behalf of the University of Hawaii Community College System.

In addition she is the tour coordinator for Leeward  Community College, whereby

she coordinators interactive tours though out the LCC campus, which include

class and program visitation. 


Priscilla Robins - Human Resource Director


A human resource manager, now retired, served with the U.S. Federal Government for 39 years.She received numerous honors, awards and recognitions for outstanding achievements in  her line of work.

Previously, she served as project leader at Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Pearl


She is active in a variety of church ministries, and as director, board of association.







Auxiliary Board



Attorney's for HWVH - Representing from California and Hawaii


Leeann K. Kaawa - Public Relation / Special Events - Hawaii


Tracie Donahue - Director / Producer - Pennsylvania

"Secrets to Love"


Advisory Board

Integrated Media Technologies Inc.
Thomas F. McGowan / Vice President of Business Development

EVP Broadcast System

Chan Mahon

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Castle Pines Basement Company

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RainForest G Construction LLC.

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Prudential / Realtors - Associate

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Tropical Products Design/Build/Engineering

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